From Projection Mapping Costs to Event Design Studio Partners: How to Find the Best

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From Projection Mapping Costs to Event Design Studio Partners: How to Find the Best

Whether you are a set manager for a theatre production company, or you are in charge of running a staged special event for a famous brand’s latest product launch, projection mapping is a multimedia art form embraced by the most creative set designers in the world. But finding an event design studio partner who can deliver the right program on budget is a challenge.

When it comes to finding the best event design studio for projection mapping, there are many variables that need to be taken into account ensuring you have the best partner. These tips will help.

Projection Mapping Costs

The cost or projection mapping is relative. Clearly, you have a budget. However, you also have realistic expectations. A community college production of ‘The Sword in the Stone’ will have a budget that will give them limited possibilities for projection mapping, and this is fine. From an investment stance, going big on the budget will not pay off for them. However, if you are a major company like the Metropolitan Opera, or you are Samsung and you plan to unveil the latest smartphone, having an impressive budget will allow for an equally impressive, memorable projection mapping display that will help to create an experience that will live on in the minds of spectators forever. Additionally, if you are a brand doing a product launch, main event specials with creative projection mapping technology help improve overall sales.

Here’s the main point: make sure the investment you are making with your event design studio is projected to give you a healthy return. This means you need to have a firm understanding of what kind of projection mapping technology to use, and to what capacity. Your videomapping company will be able to help you determine this, and ensure the cost aligns with your budget and, more importantly, your goals.

Event Design Studio Portfolios

Ask to see your event design studio’s portfolio. This should be a collection of work that, at least, spans the course of a decade, encompass multiple industries, demonstrate original creativity, and showcase partnerships with globally recognized brands.

When event design studios have more than 10 years under their belt, they are proving one big thing right out the gate: they are simply THAT GOOD because they have stood the test of time. Furthermore, when event design studios have worked with multiple industries, this demonstrates that they are not pigeon-holed to a single niche or two. Working with theatre and the arts, the automotive industry, government, live entertainment, transportation, technology, and many other spaces attests that the event design studio has the manpower and creative genius to create projection mapping spectacles for any staged event, in any context.

When event design studios prove they have the right team to mix projection mapping with other multimedia technologies while adding layers on original, creative concepts into the event design, they are clearly a cut above the rest.

Finally, if your event design studio has worked with top internationally known artists like Shakira, and big name brands like Audi, you know they are at the top of their game and are therefore a safe bet if your goal is to create memorable stage lighting designs. In other words, when you work with the best, you get the best results that no price tag can be applied to.