How to Find the Best Company that Designs Printing Boxes for Retail Needs

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How to Find the Best Company that Designs Printing Boxes for Retail Needs

If you are a brand manager or an internal marketing manager for packaging and logistics, you are well aware that finding a top company making retail printing boxes for sales growth is crucial to hitting your high-revenue goals. Additionally, if you are reading this is means you are either looking to part ways with your current packaging printing company, or you are new and seeking a first-time relationship with a retail box maker.

Finding the best printing boxes company means everything for your bottom line; the company will help you save time and money by completing projects on time, within budget, and with zero errors. This article will help set you on a great starting point in your search for the ultimate printing boxes designer to help your organization achieve all its goals.

Types of Packaging Printing Boxes for Retail

One sure sign you are working with the best printing boxes company to meet retail brand needs, is by seeing how deep their product line goes when it comes to retail boxes. No matter what type of retail packaging you need, make sure the printing boxes arsenal comprises of the following:

Litholam Corrugate – This is an ideal option for retail products that require extra durability. This box offers a desired balance between high-quality design capabilities, and premium strength. Look for a packaging printing company offering litholam corrugate boxes with all fluting types, stock sizes, and finishing options, as various products call for unique solutions.

Folding Cartons – Of all the printing boxes, folding cartons are by far the most popular retail packaging options. The reason for this is simple; they amalgamate the highest quality box designs with stellar graphics and finishes, along with affordability. When brands need to find new ways to make their products pop on the shelf to sell more units, they often turn to retail box companies for folding cartons.

Plastic PET Boxes – When brands need retail packaging solutions that expose a portion of the product, plastic PET boxes are always the first choice. Make sure the printing boxes company uses easily foldable scores as opposed to rigid ones, and check to see if they are capable of incorporating printed plastics and blank packaging designs. Plastic PET boxes come in multiple styles that include molded blisters, clam shells, clear folding cartons, and the best retail box companies can even engineer custom packaging solutions for unique retail goods.

Rigid Gift Boxes – These are the go-too printing boxes for brands that want to give a luxurious, high-end look to their products. Rigid gift boxes come in a number of coatings from foil stamping to spot gloss, and even various soft touch coatings. These printing boxes add lots of drama and are loved by buyers.

Look at the Printing Packaging Company Portfolio

In addition to offering the above printing boxes and more, look to see what kind of projects the retail box company has in their portfolio. See if they have consistent work from the same big brands, and look for unique creativity in their work. If the printing packaging company has a history of solid partnerships with world-known brands, you can bet they are at the top of the ladder in their industry.