How to Find the Best English to Braille Translation Company

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How to Find the Best English to Braille Translation Company

The careful process of translating printed English to Braille is widely used by schools and institutes for the blind, as well as organizations and companies known for staffing blind employees. In order to find the best English to Braille translation company, there are a number of standards and deliverables the agency must meet. Whether you are a training manager for an organization with blind staff members, or the principal of a school for the blind, this article will help you find the best English to Braille translation company capable of meeting all your needs.

Look for a Braille Translation Agency Offering Services for Multiple Uses

Even if you require English to Braille translation for academic institutions, you will get the best quality service if you work with a multilingual translation company offering Braille translation services that span multiple industries. These typically include:

  • Training and education
  • Commerce and tourism
  • Entertainment
  • Legal documents
  • Corporate personal use

Although the advancement of new technologies like speech recognition software and audiobooks are making way, professional organizations know that braille translation is still extremely relevant and offers unparalleled value. Braille is a vital system that allows the visually impaired and blind to read and write and has existed and advanced for more than 200 years.

Look for an English to Braille translation company that knows a Braille document isn’t just direct conversation but instead relies on contractions and substitutions unique to Braille.

Look for Certified English to Braille Experts

There are a lot of novices out there claiming to be Braille translation experts. But they are anything but that. You need to find an English to Braille translation agency best suited to perform flawlessly accurate Braille translation as opposed to an amateur using software. Conveying the nuance of a language is an art and science and requires skilled minds coupled with the right technology.

Look for an English to Braille translation agency that uses language adaptations of braille that fully comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Also, make sure certified experts include proofreading, printing, binding and delivering the final product. When you get all of these services under one roof, you save time and money thus allowing your organization to continue its profitable growth.

Work with a Braille Translation Agency that Has Internal Teams You can Work With

Even if you find an English to Braille translation company that holds all the necessary certifications and boasts an impressive portfolio of work spanning multiple industries, you need to be able to work with their team.

Look for a Braille translation service provider who has a single point of contact that can be reached 24/7. This person should know every component of the order, as well as your goals and how your organization plans to utilize Braille translation services. Avoid working with a translation company that has multiple points of contact; it creates internal chaos and prolongs deliverables. A single point for contact is ideal, yet having an overall manager who ensures proficiency and communication is ideal.