What is 3D Mapping and How does it Work?

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What is 3D Mapping and How does it Work?

3D mapping is a type of multimedia art well known to and used by veteran stage designers for main event specials within a wide mix of industries. From fashion shows to concerts, and from art displays to branded events, 3D mapping helps create immersive experiences allowing audience members to feel more connected to the story or message being presented from the stage.

What is 3D Mapping?

Also known as projection mapping, 3D mapping is a technology in which projected images are wrapped and interfused using specialty and often customized software solutions. 3D mapping relies on a technique in which images are superimposed on predestined surfaces.

The best 3D mapping technologies can cast these images on buildings and entire landscapes, while more common 3D mapping solutions project images on oddly-shaped and proportioned objects on the stage. Either way, any 3D mapping project augments the virtual reality of its target canvas and the superimposed object to bridge reality with the artificial world to offer stunning audience experience.

How does 3D Mapping Work?

Using a plethora of preloaded brightness levels and resolutions, 3D mapping can project full or partial images onto a predestined surface. The brightness and resolution matters to get the right desired effect, so the type of projector and technology matters when it comes to getting a particular look.

The technique of 3D mapping relies on the feat of blending and wrapping projected images so it can be superimposed on a target surface adorned with three dimensional visuals or displays. Keep in mind that 3D mapping doesn’t replace the source object completely. Rather, it is brings it to life by integrating it into the show / display by superimposing projected images onto it with three dimensional visual output.

In order to work properly, the brightness levels and resolution must be set to give the projected image its optimal display visuals. If the 3D mapping uses poor edge blending to fix the visible band caused by poor mapping execution, a poor visual situation occurs.

Who Invests in 3D Mapping Services?

People in the roles of stage designer, independent artist, marketing director, brand manager, special event coordinator, and individuals in the film industry are just some examples of people who commonly reach out to hire a 3D mapping company with an impressive portfolio. Generally, their company or brand will form a partnership with a 3D mapping artist who has various technologies and a creative mindset to compose an immersive experience custom tailored to a specific project.

Where can You Find 3D Mapping Services?

Clearly, you seek high-quality 3D mapping artists as opposed to novices. 3D mapping can make or break a special event, so the creativity in design and execution must be flawless. But where does one find a company that provides this technique, and how can you tell a good 3D mapping provider from a poor one?

The best 3D mapping companies don’t just specialize in this technique, but in a wide array of multimedia technologies and techniques. The best providers will also be able to demonstrate a portfolio of amazing work for a wide variety of clients.