Why Most City Planners, Contractors and Fleet Managers Choose Case Construction Machinery

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Why Most City Planners, Contractors and Fleet Managers Choose Case Construction Machinery

When it comes to construction machinery, there are a number of brands to choose from, and as such, city planners, contractors, business owners and fleet managers can feel overwhelmed with all the options. While construction machinery brands vary from those relatively new to the industry, to others that are iconic, staples of construction machinery, finding the right brand can still be imposing. This article will attempt to help fleet managers and business leaders learn more about Case Machinery as one of many options.

Is there a Case Construction Equipment Dealer Near Me?

This is a third-party look at Case Machinery and their construction vehicles as a viable option. Without comparing Case Machinery to competitor brands, it will simply review the benefits to decision-makers in the business world who might ask themselves, “is there a Case construction equipment dealer near me”, so before we explore the benefits this brand offers, let’s first get to the point: yes, there is.

For starters, Sonsray Machinery has the largest number of Case construction equipment machines in the country. With seven locations in California from San Diego to Redding, and locations in numerous other states, organizations seeking Case construction machines have a plethora of options in finding a dealer near them where they can participate in demo days, speak with an experienced representative, and go over financing options.

Why Case Construction Machinery is the Gold Standard

Case construction equipment is regarded as the the gold standard boasting a high reputation for providing organizations with reliable, well-made, rugged construction equipment that will keep operations in production without delay. We all know that phrase “time is money’, and when machines break down, you can blow your government budget and have next year’s available funds butchered due to previous mishaps. This is why having the best of the best in construction equipment is crucial. Case machinery is known for creating multiple types of machines that outperform other top brands in terms of longevity and power. These include:


  • Loader backhoes
  • Compact wheel loaders
  • Wheel loaders
  • Dozers
  • Track loaders
  • Skid steers
  • Compaction machines
  • Mini excavators
  • Excavators C series
  • Excavators D Series
  • Motor graders
  • Forklifts


When city planners, fleet managers and contractors search for high-quality construction machinery that will have a significantly longer lifespan than other brands, and provide flawless jobs without delay, Case construction equipment is highly desired because it’s quality can’t be topped.

Trading in Used Case Construction Machines for New Construction Equipment

Some brands have policies that make it difficult to trade in old backhoes for new ones. They also almost always undervalue the trade-in. However, Case is at the top in customer satisfaction for offer fair trade in value on all case construction equipment. In other words, when it comes to buying new Case construction machinery, the brand has high consumer approval by offering top value on old equipment whether its a large dozer ot a forklift–Case helps organizations save money on trade ins while setting them up with a new fleet on construction vehicles that will last for decades while remaining in perfect working order.