Why Oil Tank Removal New Jersey Companies are Your Home’s Vanguard

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Why Oil Tank Removal New Jersey Companies are Your Home’s Vanguard

You know the old saying, your home is your castle. Your house is your pride and joy. It is where you are creating beautiful family memories, and it is likely your biggest financial investment you’ve made. Therefore, protecting your residence should be a priority, and caring for your house goes well beyond the scope of routine maintenance like inspecting the roof every summer and cleaning out the gutters.

Back at the turn of the century buried oil tanks were used to provide heating to homes throughout New Jersey. At the time they worked really well. However, 100+ years later they are corroding and leaking petroleum and other toxins into groundwater and land thus creating a need for NJ soil remediation companies to come out and perform costly operations. When you contact oil tank removal companies to come perform oil tank sweeps and inspections, you stand to prevent big problems from arising.

Oil Tank Removal Companies Protect a Home’s Resale Value

Savvy home buyers in New Jersey understand that potential buried oil tanks can be lurking. Moreso, if they do exist there is the chance they have already leaked into the soil. Many home buyers will demand to have oil tank inspection and sweep services performed as contingencies on the sale going through. Rather than wait for bad news, beat the buyer to the punch and call an oil tank removal NJ and sweeping company to come out, perform an inspection and sweeping job, and issue a certificate. According to a 2017 survey by Realtor.com, more than 70 percent of buyers felt more confident in buying homes that came with certificates showing the property was free of oil tanks.

Oil Tank Sweep and Soil Testing NJ Companies Keep Families Safe

The last thing you want is for family members to come in contact with chemicals from a leaking oil tank. If your family spends time outdoors on the property and if your children and pets often play in the yard, an oil tank leak could jeopardize their health. If one is detected, soil testing NJ companies can come sample your land and determine what kind of soil remediation services need to be performed to ensure your property is clean and safe for people and animals.

Avoid Legal Battles

There are a number of legal battles that have run their course due to homeowner negligence in which oil tank detection services were never performed to reveal a leaking oil tank. Worse yet is when a homeowner knows there is a red flag but fails to have an oil tank removal NJ company come out and dig up and dispose of the problem. If someone gets sick due to coming into contact with leaking oil tanks, they can sue the property owner. Friendships have been destroyed over this common happening, and lives financially devastated.

Let your local oil tank removal company be your vanguard, keeping your home and family safe with some peace of mind should you ever want to sell your property.